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Auzform Black Book Service

We have received a few emails asking us to explain how our Black Book service works.

Auzform Black Book is a computer program that uses the latest interactive technology to allow our clients to maintain an electronic database record of any horses they wish to keep track of throughout Australia and New Zealand either for the horse's next start or the next six months.

Auzform Black Book Service

Simply by entering a horse into the Auzform Black Book they will receive an e-mail usually two days before the horse is due to race, with details of Race Date, Course, Race Time, Trainer, Weight, Barrier, Distance, and Horse Number along with the reason you suggested for placing it in your Black Book.

Additional features the we have in our Black Book is it includes catergories for Comment, Suitable Distance and Reasons for entry.

Obviously with so much racing going on nowadays, seven days a week, Trainers in particular find it handy to keep their owners informed of race starts and we are getting fantastic response from the thoroughbred industry in general.

Let's face it the main reason we are offering the Black Book service is to benefit our subscribers, help promote our website and attract more clients so any help anyone out there can give us will be really appreciated.

Our Blackbook service is now free and includes an SMS feature so you can be notified by SMS of when your favourite horses are racing next. Register to receive the Blackbook service below.

If you are serious about winning then you need our Black Book.

Register for Auzform's Black Book Service Now!
Comment Posted : Wed May 8 16:40:11 2013
I am now using the iPad app to place my bets etc but cannot find my blackbook information on the iPad?

Tony Holmes Racetab Note : Link not associated to Auzform

Admin Reply: Hi Tony,~~You will need to longin into our website to view your black book, your should be able to do this from the ipad. Also remember that all of you black booked horse are emailed to you 2 days before they are due to run.
Comment Posted : Wed Feb 27 09:20:58 2013
Have recently started using the blackbook service, and has been mostly excellent.Today I noticed one of my blackbookers was due to race at Canterbury, but I have received no notification. When I clicked on "Check My Black Books", the meeting (Canterbury) was not on the list of meetings checked.

Darren Merrick

Admin Reply: Hi Darren,~~This should been resolved, please let us know if you have any further Black Book issues.
Comment Posted : Mon Nov 26 22:10:40 2012
looking forward to it


Admin Reply: Hi Pat, yes our black book service is great.
Comment Posted : Sun Apr 22 09:23:25 2012
Have been trying to access blackbook

Lee Hillier

Admin Reply: All users of black book MUST confirm their registration and email address before being able to access Black Book. Once verified access to your FREE Black Book is via the Members Tab after details have been updated.
Comment Posted : Mon May 9 09:38:09 2011
Hi there. Trying to download the black book product....getting no where...have registered and verified email addy, but just going round and round in circles and no blacck book product


Admin Reply: There is no download. Once registration confirmed and details are updated your free black book is available online by clicking the Black Book icon via the members tab.
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